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Our mission is to give entrepreneurs the proper training & resources needed to LEARN, GROW, & ASCEND. We help people strive to achieve 10X results in the most important pillars of life including health, wealth, love, & happiness.
Keith Stephens

Meet The Creator & Founder Of 1K/Day Movement

Keith Stephens has acquired 5 years of full-time experience in the digital marketing space…

My mission & purpose is to help people become the best version of themselves. 1K/Day Movement is a place where you can learn, grow, & ascend as a person. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been through the gutter, but stuck through the hard times & decided to never give up.  It has taken me 6 months to plan, build, & launch this so I’m freaking stoked about it!  You will truly ascend to a new level and begin a new journey in your life as you consume the content we have laid out for you.  I look forward to helping you with whatever your goals, ambitions, or dreams are.  See ya on the inside! 



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Skill up and win as a marketer with our top of the line products that are step by step & value packed.

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Access completely free content designed and created to get you results in building your brand/business.

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We've done the sifting & sorting to find companies you can align with that have great products & comp plans.

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Check out our database of training specifically for digital marketers & aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Plug in to value based selling machines that assist you in selling various products & services.

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Browse a variety of resources including e-learning solutions, graphics services, page builders, & more.


Register & learn from world class teachers & coaches to get ideas, proven blueprints, & results.

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Our members area includes a hand-picked selection of books on personal development, finance, & mindset.

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Our inventory of physical products consists of laptops, desktops, camera equipment, microphones, & more.

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Connect and collaborate with our team of digital nomads in our VIP Facebook Group.

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As a member you can invite others to our platform for free & earn income from the core products we offer.

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Leverage our entire platform & position to earn from 200+ income streams indirectly as a partner.

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Meet the developer of 1K/Day Movement who has built & strategized the entire setup from the ground up.

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Our Mission

Our purpose is to help entrepreneurs step out of there comfort zone and ascend to new heights.

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Check out some of our most frequently asked questions new members have.


Learn & master sales & conversions, build effective selling machines, grow teams, generate traffic, & build professional websites.  Our core products offer something awesome for digital marketers on all levels.


We have a database of videos on specific topics, tactics, & strategies.  If you have something in particular you’d like to learn, just let us know and we can add that to our members area!

Company Partnerships

We Endorse Top-Notch Companies With Great Products & Awesome Compensation Plans

Digital Courses

Our back office has a selection of over 50 programs that range from FX trading, affiliate marketing, graphic design, e-commerce, traffic generation, conversions, relationships, & personal development.

Product Selling Systems

Tap Into Our Automated Funnel Systems To Help You Sell Products & Services Effectively

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Get access to a plethora of top quality software & services as one of our members.  This includes web page builders, market research tools, accounting solutions, e-learning, online conference tools, cloud storage, project management, advertising platforms, & much more.


Register for high content webinars that offer great value & ideas to assist you with topics such as list building, advertising, e-commerce, and more.

Recommended Books

Browse A Wide Variety Of Books That Will Expand Your Knowledge & Creativity



You’ll love our wide list of physical products to help you accomplish tasks, organize/plan, & produce awesome content.  We’ve hand selected high quality laptops, desktops, microphones, camera equipment, & more!

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Connect With Awesome Entrepreneurs, Get Your Questions Answered, & Engage

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We are a family of people with different goals & ambitions all looking to learn & grow. We're here to support you!


Connect with positive & motivated people. If you have a skill set or would like to share your knowledge, hit us up.

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Get the latest updates & participate in our unique team contests/giveaways as one of our members.

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As a member of our group you'll receive additional perks such as free resources & training within the files section.

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Leverage Our Entire Platform & Potentially Earn From Over 200+ Streams Of Income Systematically


We give our members an incredible opportunity to leverage 1K/Day Movement. Imagine referring someone to our platform & anytime they buy a course, tool, software, book, etc., you get paid! We’ve made this possible for you…Our goal is to create wildly successful entrepreneurs and give you a legitimate opportunity to earn a stable income in the process.  As you refer others to our platform, they will be hard-coded to you.  In our Partner Center we will give you the ability to affiliate yourself with the same companies, vendors, & networks we are working with.  As you activate your multiple streams of income, our technology will kick in automatically & those you refer will be clicking on your affiliate links within their back office. This will give you extreme leverage & incredible earning potential.  With our upgraded Elite membership, you can potentially open up over 200 streams of income & setup to earn systematically & passively!


Tap into our Income Growth Strategy. Here is how it works…activate your multiple streams of income, locate the promotional link of your choice, advertise & collect leads, then profit as those you refer buy stuff in the members area! Your affiliate links will be distributed throughout the entire back office and members will be hard-coded to you.


You can get paid from tons of networks, vendors, & companies as one of our partners.  Earn as your referrals upgrade their account, buy digital products, purchase tools/software, partner with companies, setup systems, collaborate with other platforms like us, buy physical gear, or even purchase our recommended books!

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Our mission is to give you the training & resources needed to LEARN, GROW, & ASCEND IN BUSINESS & LIFE. We understand & believe that you have the potential to achieve 10X results in the most important parts of life. This includes health, wealth, spirituality, & happiness.

Get Into Cashflow

Build Your Online Business

Fire Your Boss

Upgrade Your Lifestyle

Purchase Your Dream Ride

Travel Whenever You Want

Have Time For What Matters

Improve Your Health & Fitness

Experience Better Relationships


Most frequent questions and answers

1K/Day Movement is a platform specifically designed to help digital marketers & entrepreneurs succeed within their space.

You will not find a better place on the internet with such a high caliber of products, services, & training available to you as a free member.

We give you all the products, strategies, & blueprints you need to succeed online while growing both your business & yourself as a person.

If you fall into any of these categories, 1K/Day Movement is for you!

  1. You’re working a 9-5 job and would like to start an online business to help you generate part-time or full-time income.
  2. You have partnered up with a company or business opportunity and you’re struggling to get sales and build an organization.
  3. You are selling products as an affiliate, but would like to learn a more effective way of generating leads & sales.
  4. You sell your own products & services, but would like to learn strategies/methods to get better results.
  5. You have lost passion for what you’re doing, & looking for something you can get excited about & stand behind.
  6. You’re looking to create a successful brand & grow a long-term business on the internet.
  7. You would like to better yourself as a person and are seeking help to improve your mindset & self-esteem.
  8. You have a passion or talent, and would like to learn how to get paid doing what you already love or are good at.
  9. You love what you are doing with your career, but would like to 10X your results & impact.
  10. You are already a successful entrepreneur, & looking to ascend to that next level of greatness.

Beyond tactics & strategy, our purpose is to serve and inspire people to be the best versions of themselves.  We don’t focus on surface level non-sense that will keep you broke, confused, & frustrated.  Our mission is to help people learn, build, & ascend.

We can take someone brand new and give them the tools, resources, & skill sets needed to make them great! Our main goal is to give everyone who’s open a credible shot at achieving greatness in business & life.

As a free member you are more than welcome to refer others to our program. You’ll have the opportunity to earn commissions with our Core Training Products indirectly via your unique promotional registration link.

Along with our free partner program, we offer an MSI License Partner Kit. This gives you the ability to leverage our entire platform & tap into over 200+ streams of income.  

Through our cutting edge affiliate technology, you will have the ability to collect commissions as those you refer purchase various products/services we are endorsing within the back office.

For real?? Create your account already! No gimmicks or catch…just straight up awesomeness you’ll be getting once you’re in : ).

After the registration process you will be able to login to your new account right away with the username & password you have chosen to input in the form.

Rest assured, your information & details will be kept privately & will not be shared or distributed.

We are always looking for high quality products/services or digital courses to endorse.  Please reach out to us If you have a talent, skill set, or product/service that you feel would be beneficial to our platform.  

Please send your inquires to

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